Meet the people

behind your

positive change


the people

behind your

positive change

Dive deeper into the ethos, journey, and the souls that extract the benefits of Coachsulting for your team.

The Tides of


Unprecedented disruption brought on by the pandemic and unforeseen global events have shifted the very fabric of how we function. From the depths of social, financial, and psychological upheavals, a new post-pandemic "normal" has arisen. As the world evolves at lightning speed, the call to adapt with both the best interests of employees and business productivity in mind becomes paramount.



Amidst the vast changes, our conviction stood firm: a company's essence is its people. This belief laid the foundation for our tale, a unique fusion of a baby boomer and a millennial, pooling their insights and dreams to architect a beacon for the evolving world. Thus, in March 2020, enAscend emerged, registering "coachsulting" as our distinguished approach.

Expertise Meets Enthusiasm

We are the harmonious confluence of rich human resources expertise and the invigorating creativity of the youth. With decades of hands-on experience spanning recruitment, learning and development, organizational design, and more, we provide unparalleled insight. This wealth of knowledge, paired with our unwavering commitment to understanding the broader socio-economic contexts, ensures that we navigate with both wisdom and agility.

Forge the Future Together

Forge the
Future Together

The challenges are many, but with shared purpose and commitment, we can co-create success stories. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey.